Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Have you ever wondered what social media platforms can do on a wider note?

We come across various types of content on social media on a daily basis. That means there are millions of active users on various social media platforms daily. 

Social Media Marketing is the essence of any Online Business today. It is an art that requires a great command over the content building and knowing the consumer behavior. Now you will have a question, what’s so great about social media marketing? 

Social Media Marketing opens up vast opportunities for any business organization. Every organization big or small needs creative thinkers whose strategies and tactics create a bomb in the online market. Be it your own brand or someone you are working for, Social platforms help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales if done keeping in mind the trends of the market.

The objective of this Online Training is to open up all the brainstorming doors with amazing strategical campaigns and tactics.

The training include:

  • About Social Media Marketing
  • Who uses Social Media Marketing?
  • Why Social Media Marketing?
  • Strategies and campaign planning

It is been subdivided into three parts:

  1. Facebook
  • Create a page
  • Video marketing on Facebook
  • Facebook video best practices
  • Assignments
  • Facebook Advertising
  1. About chatbot
  2. Messenger Marketing
  3. FB Ads Manager
  4. FB Ad campaign objectives
  5. CPC, CRM, CTR, relevance score

2. Instagram

  • Why Instagram for business?
  • Optimization
  • User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • About Instagram stories (Overview)
  • Instagram insights and promotion
  • Hashtag tactics
  • Assignments

3. LinkedIn

  • About LinkedIn
  • What users do on LinkedIn?
  • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Personal Branding on LinkedIn
  • Brand Marketing
  • Page Analytics
  • Assignments

Don’t miss this great opportunity with such a minimal enrollment fee where you will have an in-depth study of all these topics that play a very important role in the strategic planning of a campaign. 

See you soon.

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